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  • Basketball Camps


​CVBC camps are more then about building great athletes. Our camps are created ​to help youth gain confidence and positive social skills. Our experienced well trained coaches will build sportsmanship with good character and encourage a healthier life style, all through the fundamentals of basketball.

  • Mentorship


The main focus of our mentorship program will be to invite a variety of successful athlete's, entrepreneur's, teachers and community worker to mentor our youth. Building up their future to succeed in life.

CVBC "My Size" program will focus on diminishing bullying. We understand bullying comes in many forms. Unfortunately Youth today are experiencing this beyond normal limits. Through the "My size" program we want to provide kids with clothes and shoes that are the right size. No more "hand me downs" ,no more shoes two sizes too big, or pants two sizes too small. No more holes in shoes or wearing the same shirt all week to school. We hope by doing this it will minimize name calling and teasing. It may not eliminate all bullying but we believe it can help. The my size program will also include exercises that will promote confidence, building each other up and strengthening mentality.


  • My Size

*Due to Covid 19 CVBC will follow ALL rules and proper guidelines to insure everyone's safety, for all our Camps/Programs*

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